KAMera- An eye on the Ontrade (No 31)

Greetings from India!

I had planned to NOT blog this week, but I am sat in a beachside bar watching the sun set on India, and, having been in a fair few of said beachside bars, I was thinking “is there anything that I have seen in ontrade establishments over here that I could share with KAMera readers?”. See, always thinking!

And really, India is so far behind the UK in innovation in this area, that it’s been hard to find to find an angle for this post. But there is one thing- giving customers what they want and listening to what they have to say. That matters wherever you are in the world. And the picture below, taken before I left the UK in a Craft Beer Pub in South London shows how easy it can be to make sure your customers feel that they have a voice. A comments box on the bar. Basic, but even with all the exciting innovation in our industry, we still need to be listening to what customers want- and acting on it.

KAM Media frequently run customer research programmes for our ontrade clients- get in touch if you want to know more. End of plug.

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