KAMera- An eye on the Ontrade (No 32)

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And it’s back down to earth with a bump, like my holiday never happened!

Today I want to talk about health. Healthy food and drink in pubs has long been hit and miss. The preference for pork scratchings and a pint rather than a green juice and some crudités is something that is generally accepted in pubs and bars! However, in India, I noticed that most bars had healthy options on their drinks menu- vegetable juices and coconut water being the main choices.

“Wellness” is not just a buzzword anymore, with many people, myself included, being more conscious about what they put into their bodies. The pub and bar industry needs to continue to evolve and find something to offer these customers- or they will simply go elsewhere.

And the trend for juicing and health drinks looks like it is here to stay. So how can pubs and bars capitalise on these trends? I asked KAMunity, our online pub and bar-going community (email me today for details as to how you can utilise this service!) what healthy drinks they would order if they were on offer in a pub or bar. The top result? A smoothie. But what surprised me is that  ‘a vegetable juice’ was close behind- I doubt we would have seen that a few years ago!

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My weekend is a calm one for a change- dinner at a friends’ house on Saturday night and out to lunch on Sunday with another friend, otherwise just finishing off some unpacking and fitting in a fair bit of box-set action I reckon!

Have a great weekend, don’t forget to send me any pictures of innovation and excellent activation in pubs and bars!

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