KAMera- Eye on Convenience 54

Good afternoon all

I think by now, we all know the importance of “fresh” in convenience. We know that shoppers want more of it. We know that the industry has started to step up to the plate and deliver it. But what else do shoppers want? In some recent face to face research conducted by KAM Media, we asked convenience store shoppers what categories they though needed a better range.

As predicted, “fresh meat and fish” came out on top, but there was a surprise second place- “deserts”, both ready-made and ingredients to cook from scratch. The Great British Bake Off affect?


Health and beauty was the third category. And the category that shoppers were happiest with and thought didn’t need any changes? Newspapers and Magazines… a sign of the Times? Sorry.

And finally… I won’t share with you my political opinions, but I WILL share with you the fears of the KAMunity members that we questioned this week. We asked them; “Following the news of Brexit, do you think that food and drink in your local convenience store will become more expensive?” 64% think that it will.

Tonight Mr Katy and I are off to see Massive Attack in Hyde Park (because we’ve not had enough of standing around in a field in the damp recently…), then a VERY early start tomorrow morning and a loooong drive down to Cornwall with my bridesmaid for a wedding hair and make up trial…not my favourite thing to do on a Saturday but we’re making a trip out of it and have booked a lovely pub/hotel for the night to have dinner and stay at afterwards.

Sunday I’ll be watching the England ga… oh, no that’s right, I won’t be; netflix and my sofa it is then!

Have a good one- pretty pretty please keep all your emails and pictures and feedback coming!



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