KAMera- Eye on the Ontrade 92

Good morning and welcome,

So “going out for tea” is now a thing. There is such a thing as a Tea Pub. I’m not a fan of tea myself, don’t drink the stuff, but looking around at my friends and colleagues, I can see a place for this unusual addition to the on trade.

But what about Joe Public? We asked KAMunity members whether they would go to their local pub/bar if they had a great tea selection and tea-based drinks. 45% said they would- with only 36% saying “no” (the rest are in my squad, they don’t drink tea). 45% is quite a high percentage of people… maybe it’s worth looking into? If not for a permanent offer, perhaps for a tea-focussed event.


Tonight Mr Katy and I are going out clubbing. No, really, we are, it’s a long story. Tomorrow has been put aside for work and wedding planning unfortunately; no rest for the wicked. And then there’s Sunday. Sunday will start off with brunch and Bloody Mary’s in the pub, followed by another trip to Hyde Park, this time to see STEVIE WONDER (I’m taking my Dad too, because I buy the BEST Fathers Day presents!). So excited I can’t begin to tell you.

Have a splendid couple of days



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