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I have just returned from a short break to Hydra, a Greek Island about an hour away from Athens. Whilst there, I noticed that “merchandising” within convenience stores is, well, lets say, basic. Have a look at the below picture, my personal favourite holiday snap, with BWS, Household cleaners and Pasta all occupying the same space.

In my job, of course, I notice these things, and they matter. But what about the convenience store shopper- does it matter to them?

We ran a poll through KAMunity, our online community of shoppers and asked them- how do you prefer to see products merchandised in your local store?

The overwhelming agreement was that the traditional way of merchandising similar products together was the way to go (64%), however, in a marked departure from shopper responses in a similar project I ran 4 years ago, 13% would like to see complementary items together- pasta and sauce, fish and potatoes, Donald Trump and Mexican food etc…

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PS- we also asked how important car parks are to convenience store shoppers- 67% said they were essential.
Tonight I’m spending the night at home preparing for an early morning train up to Penrith for Kendal Calling festival.Because I’ve not spent enough time so far this year standing in damp fields watching bands.

I’m also looking forward to spending some time with a good friend and even good-er hairdresser/barber, who has recently started working for Get Smooth- they run pop-up barber services AT YOUR PLACE OF WORK! No more wasting Saturday mornings getting your hair cut or your hipster beard trimmed and oiled, just get these guys to come along, set up in your office! They even do mani/pedi’s ladies. If you want to know more, contact her here- angel@getsmooth.co and say KAM Media sent you for a jolly nice discount!

Have a great weekend all


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