KAMera- Eye on Convenience 55

Good afternoon,

Here at KAM Media we like a bargain. Who doesn’t? Well, the general shopping public, apparently.

There has been a decisive move by the Grocers towards offering an every day low price (EDLP) guarantee on many popular SKU’s, rather than the rafts of BOGOF’s and other promotions. In times of change, austerity or uncertainty, people move towards stability and certainty, so the strategy definitely makes sense right now.

But what about convenience store shoppers? We asked KAMunity, our online community of c-store shoppers whether they preferred EDLP on their staple purchases (milk, bread etc) or promotions, and 59% pumped for EDLP



Tonight I will mainly be fretting about the fact that we are off on holiday to Hydra on Monday morning and I have no currency, haven’t even thought about packing and still have several million emails to get through. Tomorrow I’m off to the races for a friends hen do, and then Sunday lunch at my Dad’s before a 3am (!) taxi to the airport. cheap flights = no sleep…not sure if it’s worth the trade off!
αντίο φίλε μου!


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