KAMera- Eye on Convenience 57

Morning all

This week’s news that Waitrose has opened it’s first cashless store got me thinking about the “shop of the future” and what shoppers are going to want from it.

Firstly, we spoke to KAMunity (our online community of convenience store shoppers) and asked them what they thought of Waitrose’s latest move, and it was a split court. 51% thought it was a great idea, but 49% declared it a terrible one!


What other innovations did shoppers say they wanted?

Smarter queuing systems
Touch-screen points in store for shoppers to search for a specific product, see whether it is in stock and also whereabouts in the store it can be found
More personalised promotions- one suggestion was a “lottery” at the till where, for each shop, one item is given to the shopper free of charge

What “future innovations” would YOU like to see in our industry? Answers on a postcard…

I’m currently on a 5 hour train down to Truro where I am interviewing the first of 3 publicans over the next 24 hours. So by the time I get back to London tomorrow evening, I will just about have time for a gym visit and bed. On Sunday I am being thrown a Bridal Shower by one of my American friends- yes, I KNOW!

Have a great weekend all



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