KAMera- Eye on the Ontrade 96

Good morning one and all

Recently we have taken the kids out to eat a fair bit, I guess the school holidays are to blame. I have a personal bug-bear for kids menus; I hate the fact that so many of them are of the chicken dippers and chips variety- I want my kids to experiment and have the same options that the adults in the party have. Which is why I love my local pub so much- have a look below, no children’s menu, just children portions available- half the size, half the price. Perfect.

We asked the members of KAMunity what they thought; and it was a pretty even split, with 53% siding with me, and 47% preferring kids menus.


In other news, we have just 2 weeks left for clients to subscribe to PubliKAM, our biannual research programme speaking to licensees across the UK about their plans, their needs and their wants! Click HERE for more information, or just reply to this email- the programme can be joined at any time, but clients who join us before the first wave of research gets underway will have the ability to affect the questionnaire. If you have burning questions that YOUR business wants to ask, this could be your chance to join the UK’s most exciting ontrade research programme!

I’m currently on a 5 hour train down to Truro where I am interviewing the first of 3 publicans over the next 24 hours. So by the time I get back to London tomorrow evening, I will just about have time for a gym visit and bed. On Sunday I’m being thrown a Bridal Shower by one of my American friends- yes, I KNOW!

Have a great weekend all



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