KAMera-Eye on Convenience 70

Hello and welcome to this week’s KAMera email,

As the stores ramp up advertising and promotions in preparation for Christmas, we have been speaking to members of KAMunity about the style, frequency and marketing of promotions in convenience stores.

We asked how often shoppers would like their local store to change their promotional offers.

33% said weekly, 23% said fortnightly… but, most interestingly, 18% said more than once a week… we are living in a restless world….

We also asked how they wanted to be informed of promotions

For the first time (we have been running research on this subject for 3 years), the favourite method of contact was “email”, with 34% choosing this method over “leaflet through my door” (25%), which in 2015 was the forerunner. Interestingly, “text” has crawled up the rankings with 14% (10% in 2015).

In an increasingly fast-paced world, it looks like retailers (supported by suppliers?) need to take a look at how promotions are run; after all, customers are demanding more and have many more options of where and how to shop. We need to keep up with this rapidly changing market.

fdcf9568-3594-46f2-af32-64b3bb560229This weekend is a quiet one.. tonight I’m planning on a girls night in with wine and Children In Need, tomorrow I am continuing the Moses Home Improvement projects…(anyone know a plasterer in SE London?!). Ick.

Sunday, Mr Katy is back from tour… pub, papers, red wine. Tick!

Have a great weekend


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