KAMera- Eye on Convenience 71

Good morning!

Premiumisation is the (made up) word on everyone’s lips this Christmas. 86% of shoppers “trade up” during the festive season, whether because they want to impress the family, or just treat themselves to something a bit more special than usual. We spoke to KAMunity participants and asked them “What product are you most likely to buy a more premium version of over Christmas?”

The top answer? Chocolates, closely followed by wine, then cheese, then meat. Least likely to be traded up? tinned and packaged grocery products.

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This weekend I have my Grandmother to stay. Now that I’m married, I guess the only thing she can pick on is my hair. Oh good.

On Saturday we are taking her to lunch with Mr Katy’s Mum (yes, I know, we love a bit of self-punishment), and on Sunday (after I’ve put Grandma to work in my garden), we’ll head over to the pub for lunch. And wine, lots of lovely wine.

Have a great weekend


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