KAMera- Eye on the Ontrade 108

What a week! It all started at the Bii NITA’s on Monday night (award winners here), which I’m not sure I’m even recovered from today…congratulations to all the winners and finalists!

Meanwhile, we’ve been focussing our questions to KAMunity (our online community of pub/bar goers) on Christmas. Customers often “trade-up” over the festive season, but, when asked, which products did they say they were planning to buy a more premium version of over Christmas and New Year in pubs and bars?

Wine was top of the list (37%), closely followed by Spirits and Beer in joint second place (18% each). Soft drinks, cider and RTD’s are bringing up the rear.

How are pubs promoting and driving awareness of premium over the festive period- please do share any examples you see whilst out and about on your travels.


This weekend I have my Grandmother to stay. Now that I’m married, I guess the only thing she can pick on is my hair. Oh good.

On Saturday we are taking her to lunch with Mr Katy’s Mum (yes, I know, we love a bit of self-punishment), and on Sunday (after I’ve put Grandma to work in my garden), we’ll head over to the pub for lunch. And wine, lots of lovely wine.

Have a great weekend


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