KAMera- Eye on Convenience 72

Hello and welcome,

One of the stand-out grocery trends of 2016 for me is the increase in popularity of recipe boxes and “cook from scratch” kits.

The likes of Gousto and Tastesmiths have upped the game in this arena and now the supermarkets are getting in on the picture; the photo below shows recipe kits dominating a gondola end in a Tesco Metro.

We asked the members of KAMunity (our online community of convenience store shoppers) whether they would be interested in buying a recipe kit from their local convenience store; 59% said they would buy a Tesco branded option, and only slightly less, 54% said they would buy another brand (or even own brand).

Perhaps there is an opportunity here for convenience stores to become even MORE convenient for time-poor shoppers looking for quick and easy meal solutions.e1283fef-71ab-47e5-80ee-2344dd71fdd3

This weekend I’m spending some time down in Surrey with friends at a gig on Saturday and a pub lunch on Sunday. A calm one in preparation for a busy week ahead that includes a lot of pre-Christmas drinks with some exceptionally alcoholic friends and taking my eldest little angel to see the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. He’s 17, and it’s his birthday present from me, I think his willingness to go with his Stepmother to a rock gig means he thinks I’m cool, right…?

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to keep sending in your pictures and examples of best in class stores!



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