KAMera- Eye on the Ontrade 101

Good morning

Today I have a final teaser for you from PubliKAM, our brand new tracking programme that speaks to 750 (well, 839 actually, we over-shot) Publicans twice a year to get their opinion on a range of subjects, aimed at suppliers and pub co’s. Results are out now, just drop me a line if you’d like more info about how to get involved!

We asked publicans what supplier reps could do to make their visits more valuable. If, like me, you thought the answer was “more offers and promotions”, you’d be wrong. The top answer was samples of new products, and “making appointments rather than just showing up” was high on their list too.

Meanwhile, some of us here at KAM Towers were rejoicing the news that “Skinny Prosecco” is on it’s way. Currently only stocked at Zizzi and a few upmarket stores such as Harvey Nicks, the company is apparently in talks with many major supermarkets to stock the product next year… would it be suitable for pubs and bars? We asked the members of KAMunity whether, if given the option, they would choose skinny prosecco over original and 61% said they would..

It’s a product that ticks all the trend boxes for Millennials for a start- lower alcohol content, healthier option, fizzy, so should we, as an industry be trying to steal a march on grocery retailers and be the pioneer industry stocking this new product?


Well, now that I’m married I guess it’s time to relax, slow down the pace of life and generally let myself go, right? Well that might all need to wait for a while because Mr Katy gets back from tour this afternoon and tomorrow we are going to a Mini Festival in aid of Copafeel, the breast cancer charity. Sunday we will be ploughing through wedding pics and writing thank you cards in front of Netflix. Sounds like the perfect weekend!


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