KAMera- Eye on the Ontrade 110

Good morning,

With the festive season upon us, we asked the members of KAMunity where they were planning to spend New Years Eve. A whopping 52% are staying at home and not celebrating at all, 24% will be hosting or attending a house party, just 2% are going out to a restaurant and 12% of the people we questioned will be seeing in the New Year in a pub or bar.

I’ve heard from many pubs over the last few weeks, letting me know what they are doing on New Years Eve to convince customers to leave their living rooms including-
A cocktail masterclass
A “bring your pets” night (I LOVE this idea!)
A Tarantino-themed night showing his movies on silent screens, bespoke cocktails and film character fancy dress
An Alice in Wonderland tea party (being hosted in a sober “pub”)
Personally I’ll be on a plane on my way to my honeymoon, so this will be one night I’m NOT supporting the great British pub industry, but it sounds like there are some great events planned!


Tonight I’m out in Soho (at a restaurant that has a button on your table to order more champagne, what could possibly go wrong!?) with some friends for a pre-Christmas dinner; any new, exciting bar recommendations in the area for after would be very welcome. Tomorrow I’m braving the shops to source some furniture for my new office, and spending Saturday night in recovering from Friday night. Sunday is the standard family day, lunch with the kids and then a bit of David Attenborough; how awesome is the new Planet Earth series?

PS- The RHCP’s were AMAZING on Tuesday at The O2; and I got tickets to Guns & Roses for next year, so all in all, a pretty good week!

Please keep sending pictures and info about what’s going on out there in the industry!


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