Time to reconsider category positioning?

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On my travels to Europe recently, I’ve noticed healthcare products being merchandised behind the counter in convenience stores. But is this a barrier to purchase, and how do shopper views change towards a category, like healthcare, or comparatively in the UK, spirits, being out of reach?

We spoke to 1000 convenience store shoppers and asked;

Does having ‘healthcare’ behind the counter in store make you less likely to purchase? 36% said yes, it does, 31% told us that it wouldn’t make a difference but, shockingly, 33% said they wouldn’t even consider buying from the healthcare category in a convenience store.

And what about the other often placed behind-the-counter category, spirits? We asked the same shoppers the same question and found that 22% said yes, positioning spirits behind the counter made them less likely to purchase, 46% told us that it wouldn’t make a difference but, again, shockingly, 32% said they wouldn’t consider buying the category in a convenience store at all.

Time to reconsider category positioning?

As you read this, I am just landing in Prague for a surprise visit to Mr Katy who is on tour and has a day off today. Hopefully a good surprise…so I’ll be having a long lunch and doing some tourist stuff today and hanging around for the gig tomorrow then coming home and back to work.

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