Empowering the shopper

Good morning and welcome Y’all,

As you receive this email I will be coming in to land at Heathrow following a fantastic study tour of New York, hosted by Propel and UKHospitality, taking in great pubs, bars and restaurants (someone’s gotta do it…!).

But, whilst there, I made time to visit some great US grocery/convenience stores and have shared my highlights below

Starting with The Meathouse in Summit, New Jersey, I was really impressed to see that there were two different price points for milk, one for those who bought in plastic containers, and one for those who bought in glass and then refilled each time (for a small deposit). A great way to encourage less reliance on plastic AND return visits.

In 7eleven stores in NYC, they’re so keen to please that they have posters up in store and even in their windows to ask smokers to let them know if they don’t have the right brand. Empowering the shopper to feel confident enough to ASK for what they want seems like a good idea to me- and could work in a number of brand-led categories.

And, finally, maybe NYC is known as ‘the city that never sleeps’ because on most c-store counters, a large array of energy shots can be found, mostly on BOGOF deals or better.

Will any of these three initiatives catch on in the UK, I wonder?

Having spent the last week in New York (part business, part pleasure), I’m off to see Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds tonight at Wembley, and then plan to DO NOTHING for the rest of the weekend . Except… a LOT of time in the gym to make up for this week’s sins and a LOT of time catching up on emails.

Have a great weekend


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