KAMera- An eye on Convenience 83

Good morning

After a rather tiring few days in Barcelona that included a total of 18 hours of flight delays, I decided not to send out the KAMera email last week, and instead saved it for today.

So what DID we see in Barcelona?

Obviously, being a weather and tourist-influenced city, Barcelona plays to these strengths. One particular (small) convenience store that I was impressed with is in the picture below- and it wasn’t in a tourist spot.

Great merchandising of fresh juices (all made on site by the store owner in view of customers) and pure juice lollies. I had a chat with the owner (thanks Google translate!) and he believes that his margin on these products is around 85%. Obviously the UK doesn’t have the weather and many stores don’t have the footfall to justify these products all year round, but possibly they would suit certain times of year/day in certain stores?

Whilst on the subject of how UK convenience stores can do fresh juices, I’d like to introduce you to Jhanzeb. Jhanzeb runs the TINY little convenience store on my local station, providing Nunheadians with everything from loo roll to home cooked biriani on their way to and from work.

With a freezer full of 100% natural smoothie mixes, some fresh apple juice and coconut water and a very loud but effective blender, Jhanzeb has provided me with some of the best hangover cures over the last couple of years.

Yes, the signage is rudimentary, yes, there’s a pre-mix involved, but he’s still managing to provide a popular product to his customers with very little space and £ and time investment.

And he’s lovely.

Mr Katy is back from tour for just 2 nights, so tonight we are taking the Boys to see Dunkirk at the Cinema, followed by a visit to Brixton Pop for a street food extravaganza dinner where, after half an hour of angst-ridden wandering around, the kids will have pizza, Mr Katy will have meatballs and I’ll get a cheeseboard and large glass of wine, as usual.

On Saturday morning I’m off to Camp Bestival in Dorset for a couple of days of singing and dancing in a field.

Have a lovely weekend all

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