KAMera- An eye on the Ontrade 122

Hello and happy International Beer Day!

Those of you who read this blog regularly will know that I don’t drink beer. However, I like to keep abreast of developments in the category and was impressed with a recent communication from industry group “There’s a beer for that”.

Their latest leaflet (see below) was slotted inside my Sunday paper and is a helpful guide to beer and food-matching; seasonally focussed on BBQs.

Wine and food-matching is old hat now, and with the resurgence of craft beer (and the sun!), I can’t help but think this communication is right on the money; especially for those of us who don’t “do” beer.

How could this translate to the on trade?

We asked members of KAMunity whether they would be encouraged to buy more beer if a similar guide was available in their local Pub/Bar to help them beer-match to a menu. 43% said they would.

Perhaps the great people at “There’s a beer for that” might be planning an on trade version already?

Tonight I’m going down to my Dad’s in Surrey for dinner, then tomorrow I’ve got HOURS of housework to do, including prepping the kids room for decorating next week. I hate decorating.

On Sunday Mr Katy is back again, this time for a couple of weeks so I’m insisting on a long walk and a pub lunch to welcome him home.

Enjoy the sunny (hopefully!) weekend,


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