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Good afternoon all,

I’ve just landed back from a short break to Iceland, where alcohol is only sold in separate, specialist outlets, not in supermarkets or convenience stores. The daily irritation of having to do our food shop in one place, and then drive (often) several miles to “Vinbudin” to pick up those all important supplies didn’t stop us from stocking up though.

What was interesting about these “off-licences” was their purely functional nature. They were essentially warehouses; very little POS, bog-standard, unimaginative merchandising, no signage to speak of and certainly no “inspiration” or in-store theatre.

This experience got me thinking; what would convenience store shoppers most like to see more of in the BWS aisle?

We asked the members of KAMunity

17% said they would like clearer signage that can be seen at the store entrance as to where the alcohol section is 22% said they would like to see live tastings and demonstrations

For the full results, just reply to this email and I’ll send them across to you on Tuesday!

Some pictures below of those Icelandic booze warehouses!

This email comes to you from the passport queue at Gatwick; we’ve had a fabulous holiday (Iceland is such an amazing country but I now need to sell a kidney and both children to pay for it. I’ll miss that kidney.) and now I’m getting straight on a train to Portsmouth to Victorious festival for the next two days, and then on Sunday I’ll be repenting for my sins by taking my Grandma out for lunch.

Enjoy your weekend


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