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Morning all,

Last year, I had the good fortune to attend 5 hen weekends (including my own!). The big difference between these events and previous pre-wedding frivolities was the addition of an extra opportunity to drink prosecco and Bloody Mary’s; the ever popular brunch occasion.

I’ve had many conversations, especially with our Pub Co clients, as to how important this, and other occasions will be in 2018, so we decided to take this all-important question to KAMunity, our online community of pub and bar goers.

We asked which eating occasions they were planning on visiting the pub for more in 2018 than they did this year. The increase in customers choosing breakfast (up 15% on last year) is an interesting stat on the graph below; but so, in our opinion is the ‘dessert only’ option- appearing for the first time this year.

With “everyday treat” long being a valid mission/occasion in off trade retail, will we see it gain traction in the on trade in the coming 12 months? If it’s done properly, I think we could- not least because in major towns across the country, dessert bars are popping up, providing more competition for the consumer’s leisure spend.

For the record, the percentage of customers telling us they will visit more for brunch is static on last year.

This weekend is a welcome calm couple of days after a hectic few weeks; a family movie night tonight, a girls night in at a friends house tomorrow and then Sunday I’ll be gritting my teeth and getting on with the long list of DIY chores that has been building up over the last couple of months.

Please keep sending your feedback and your pictures of interesting/innovative pubs and bars

Have a great weekend- let’s hope the sun continues to shine!


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