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A few weeks ago we discussed low ABV beer and wine in our weekly KAMera email. Following on from that, several readers have asked us to look further into the topic and the effect that it has on customer behaviour.

So, as we are here to serve, we asked the members of KAMunity whether they like to look at the ABV on various different drinks before they ordered. Answers were as follows

18% do for Beer
24% do for Cider
15% do for Wine
…and just 3% said they like to for spirits

Interestingly, when we cut the data by age, knowing the ABV of a drink before purchasing becomes more important.

This email comes to you from the passport queue at Gatwick; we’ve had a fabulous holiday (Iceland is such an amazing country but I now need to sell a kidney and both children to pay for it. I’ll miss that kidney.) and now I’m getting straight on a train to Portsmouth to Victorious festival for the next two days, and then on Sunday I’ll be repenting for my sins by taking my Grandma out for lunch.

Enjoy your weekend


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