KAMera- An eye on Convenience 89

Welcome all,

Just how important is YOUR local convenience store? We asked the members of KAMunity this week;

“When moving house, how important is it to you that there is a good convenience store within walking distance?” It seems to be pretty high up on the list of priorities, with a total of 72% of respondents stating that it was ‘very’ or ‘fairly’ important to them.

And for those of us WITHOUT a decent convenience store nearby, a second piece of research run through KAMunity this week, told us that 66% of shoppers would use a home delivery service if it was offered at their local convenience store. But how much would they be willing to pay? Drop me an email and I’ll share the full results with you on Monday.

Tonight I’ll be down in Surrey punting along the river with friends who have recently moved down to Shepperton. Tomorrow I’ll be waving goodbye to my oldest friend who is taking her family on the adventure of a lifetime and moving to the US for 3 years, there may be a few tears.

Then on Sunday I’m helping Mr Katy start the long and arduous process of ripping up the carpet in our house and sanding the floors. It’s all glamour my life, I tell you!

Enjoy your weekend


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