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Earlier in the week, I was waiting to meet a client in a bar in central London. The bar itself is great; interesting decor, reasonable prices, great range and fantastic, healthy, home cooked food. But what wasn’t great was the service. I shouldn’t wait at the bar whilst 3 members of staff deal with one issue and one member is serving a packed bar. I also shouldn’t have to ask to close a door that was wide open, letting the British Autumn into this otherwise cosy bar, only to be told that they wanted it open to attract passers-by. Service is SO important to me, and I know it is to many others, but just HOW important is it to the average pub/bar goer?

We asked the members of KAMunity a few questions about service in pubs and bars. I wasn’t a fan of the results- I don’t think they reflect my overall experiences, but the fact is that many customers DO think this about our industry-

“Do you think that pubs and bars do enough to make you feel welcome as a customer?”
Yes- 48%
No- 52%

We followed that question up with “How many times would service have to be bad in a pub/bar before you stopped going?”
A massive 39% would only give a venue one chance. Just ONE CHANCE before they’d go elsewhere and not go back. 38% would not return after two episodes of bad service, 15% after 3 visits and you may be surprised that there was a core group (8%) who said service didn’t matter!

So that’s 92% to whom it REALLY does matter- we can talk about price, range, events and the like until we areblue in the face, but the vast majority of customers will refuse to return to an outlet if the service isn’t up to scratch.

Tonight, I’ll be packing and getting an early night before a flight to Greece at 6am tomorrow- a week on a Greek Island with Mr Katy before he heads off on tour again.

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