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I’ve mentioned before that my local convenience store is not the best example in our industry. Not only is it dirty with poor range and merchandising but the staff are borderline rude at all times. Last week I popped in for some essentials, my bill was £4.49 – I was given 50p change. When I questioned it (i.e. why have you shortchanged me, it may only be a penny, but it’s still MY penny), the cashier rolled his eyes, opened the till and slammed the penny on the counter.

Now, I know that there are some FANTASTIC stores out there and that service is, thanks to input from great training companies, suppliers and retailers themselves, ever increasing. I took the following questions to KAMunity to understand what shoppers think of service in the convenience industry;

Do you think that staff in your local convenience store do enough to make you feel welcome? Upsettingly, only 49% said yes- meaning that a small majority of shoppers think otherwise.

So it was of no surprise that 53% of those questioned told us that they thought that staff in their local store were inadequately trained in customer service.

We must continue to raise standards through knowledge and training to ensure the industry continues to evolve with the times.

I have spent the last week on a Greek Island with Mr Katy and today is our last day so tonight will consist of a Greek Salad (7 so far and counting), some beautiful seafood and some not so beautiful Greek wine (we really are in the middle of nowhere and that’s all that is available!)

I’ll be home late on Saturday and will spend Sunday frantically trying to empty my inbox in preparation for a busy week’s work next week

Have a lovely weekend all,


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