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We all know how important BWS is as a category to convenience stores. But we also know that shoppers tell us there are still some barriers to buying alcohol in their local store.

In fact, in a recent piece of exclusive KAM research, we found out that just 36% of the UK’s wine drinkers buy wine in a convenience store. Apart from range and price, one of the main barriers that comes up time and time again is the fact that wine bottle sizes are so rigid, so I was interested to see the news that Waitrose has added “half” bottles of wine to it’s new wine range.

I’ve long thought that offering a wider range of bottle sizes would work well in convenience and it seems the members of KAMunity agree with me, when questioned earlier this week, 39% told us that they would be more likely to buy wine in their local C store if half bottles were available. Smart move, Waitrose.

Tonight I will be working late and then packing for a last minute trip to India… and yes, I KNOW I’ve been away a lot recently (what are you, my conscience?!), but this is partly a work trip… honest!

I’ll be providing you with a “What’s going on in convenience in India” special report next Friday!


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