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In the summer, we took a collection of clients down to the South Coast and showcased some excellent pubs and bars.

Many were in Brighton town centre and along the sea front, including the Tempest Inn, an unusual pub with an inside designed to mimic caves, reminding one of pirate skullduggery and intrigue, and, equally importantly, ensuring a fully “zoned” venue. The Tempest also had old arcade games as tables and, what I thought at the time, a great CSR policy of not providing throw-away straws to customers. As part of The Laine Pub Company, The Tempest is one of a large group who limited or banned straws this year, and news last week broke that JD Wetherspoon has done the same

But what do customers think of pubs and bars with “green” credentials- how important is it to them?

We asked the members of KAMunity what they thought. 60% said that the straw policy specifically was a good idea and 30% of regular pub/bar goers stated that they would choose one pub/bar over another if one had better “green” credentials.

So it’s not JUST about saving the planet; it’s also about attracting and retaining customers; and keeping up with/overtaking the competition.

Tonight I will be working late and then packing for a last minute trip to India… and yes, I KNOW I’ve been away a lot recently (what are you, my Dad?!), but this is partly a work trip… honest!

I’ll be providing you with a “What’s going on in the on trade in India” special report next Friday!


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