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I don’t often talk “tech” mainly because I am a technological Luddite, but on Tuesday this week I attended a pub industry conference, during which one of the speakers shared THIS video- of robots serving cocktails on the Royal Caribbean cruise liner, Quantum of the Seas. Very much worth a watch if you can.

After I had scraped my jaw off the floor, run around in a “what the hell is happening to the world” panic, I wondered what the average convenience store customer would think of such trickery… are we destined to have “non-human-staffed stores? After all, we already have self-serve only stores. Will shoddy/fantastic (delete as appropriate) service cease to exist in a few years?

We asked the members of KAMunity; 

Do you think there will come a time where we are served by Robots rather than people in a convenience store? 49% believe that that WILL happen- but would people be HAPPY for it to? Just 21% said they would happily be served by a robot in a convenience store.

And as for a preference- it seems person-to-person customer service isn’t yet dead in the water- but 21% said they would PREFER to be served by a robot!

After going to see Royal Blood on Monday and last night’s Killers gig in Nottingham and this morning’s 4 hour drive home, I’m looking forward to a family night in tonight and Mr Katy is finally home from tour, so we might even pop out to our local before dinner for a pint!

Tomorrow we’re going down to Eastbourne to take my Grandma out for a birthday lunch where she will spend most of the time remarking on how expensive everything is and the rest asking me in covert ways whether I’m ever going to have a baby.

Sunday we are planning a long walk in the woods (weather willing) and a roast dinner at home.

Have a great weekend and please keep all your pictures/comments/questions coming!


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