KAMera- An eye on the Ontrade 137

Good morning and HAPPY FRIDAY!

I don’t often talk “tech” mainly because I am a technological Luddite, but on Tuesday this week I attended the People and Training Conference, hosted by Propel in conjunction with CPL Training and the Bii.

The inimitable Dan Davies (CPL) gave an impassioned presentation about the need to get the best employees and keep them in our great industry. He also showed THIS video- of robots serving cocktails on the Royal Caribbean cruise liner, Quantum of the Seas. Very much worth a watch if you can.

After I had scraped my jaw off the floor, run around in a “what the hell is happening to the world” panic, I wondered what the average pub/bar customer would think of such trickery… are we destined to have “bartender-less” bars? Will shoddy/fantastic (delete as appropriate) service cease to exist in a few years?

We asked the members of KAMunity; 

Do you think there will come a time where we are served by Robots rather than people in a pub/bar? 36% believe that that WILL happen- but would people be HAPPY for it to? Just 16% said they would happily be served by a robot in a pub or bar.

And as for a preference- it seems person-to-person customer service isn’t yet dead in the water- just 6% said they would PREFER to be served by a robot!

There’s hope yet, folks!

After going to see Royal Blood on Monday and last night’s Killers gig in Nottingham and this morning’s 4 hour drive home, I’m looking forward to a family night in tonight and Mr Katy is finally home from tour, so we might even pop out to our local before dinner for a pint!

Tomorrow we’re going down to Eastbourne to take my Grandma out for a birthday lunch where she will spend most of the time remarking on how expensive everything is and the rest asking me in covert ways whether I’m ever going to have a baby.

Sunday we are planning a long walk in the woods (weather willing) and a roast dinner at home.

Have a great weekend and please keep all your pictures/comments/questions coming!


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