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This week I read a report in the trade press that Waitrose now sells 10 different varieties of boxed wine. For years, boxed wine has been looked down upon as the poor relative of bottled. However, figures show that over the last decade, sales of bag-in-box wine have risen by 26%. Sales also soared by 12% this summer on Amazon, and Waitrose even launched its own-label premium boxed rose last July. The report also found that boxed wine is more popular in the South of England than the north.

But is there an opportunity for convenience stores? We asked the 1000 convenience store shoppers we host in our online community whether they would like their local store to stock boxed wine. Just 37% said yes.

For those who said “no”, the barrier seems to be the perception of quality- 49% said the quality of boxed wine was as good as bottled wine, just 11% thought it was better and 40% said it was of a worse quality than bottled.

Not sure where I sit on this debate, but it’s been a while since I’ve fancied a glass of wine at this early hour.

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Tonight is stay at home and watch a movie night (any Netflix recommendations??) as tomorrow we are getting together with friends an hour or so North of London for Christmas dinner and drinks. Then on Sunday I am spending the day with my (youngest) Brother. He’s 7 years old (I know, it’s an interesting family, shall we say!) and the cutest kid; he has me wrapped around his little finger! I’ll be taking him into town to a museum and then undoubtedly spending a fortune in Hamley’s afterwards.

Whatever you’re doing, have a good one


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