Pop goes the carbonated drinks!

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I’ve often thought that my Dad would make a good survivalist; you know, those people who have 3 years of everything, a transistor radio and a small library hidden in a bunker underground, and secretly can’t wait to use it.

Now, with the news that the UK may be running out of CO2 and, as a result, have a major shortage of carbonated drinks- beer, pop etc, he is genuinely disappointed that he is touring abroad and unable to hit the levels of panic buying that he has so wished for for many years.

However, my father aside, this situation could have serious repercussions for the FMCG industry. And if it gets worse and shortages begin in pubs and bars, how will customers react?

We spoke to our panel of 1000 pub & bar goers and asked them what they would order instead of their usual if the worst were to happen

Of those who would usually order lager- the top three non-carbonated substitutes were-
Wine (24%)
Real ale (20%)
Fruit juice (18%)

For those who would be missing out on a fizzy pop, the top three options were-
Fruit juice (25%)
Coffee (21%)
and interestingly, “I’d get an alcoholic drink” (16%)

If you’d like the substitution results for any particular carbonated drink, drop me a line and I’ll send you the results free of charge!

Well, I was supposed to be at the Isle of Wight Festival this weekend but unfortunately an out-of-the blue and life saving operation for a friend who we usually go with has meant that we’ll all miss it this year. Instead, I’ll be driving down to Portsmouth (in full festival gear!) to spend some time at the hospital with him and then recreate, to the best of our ability, the festival in their back garden with other friends who we normally do the weekend with.

Weirdly, The Killers haven’t responded to my request to head over after their headline set on the Sunday and play an intimate gig for us all.

Have a great, sunny weekend


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