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Hello all!

Although my mind is still somewhat distracted by the London Wine Fair and my inevitably terrifying presentation next week (please do NOT come to watch), I realise that there ARE other drinks out there in pub/bar-land.

And in fact, when reviewing a pub on Wednesday for one of my clients, I was informed in no uncertain terms by the licensee of 36 years, (Alan from “Bentlands” on the outskirts of Wolverhampton, pictured below with his lovely wife, Marie) that a good pub revolves around good beer, and without it, it’s a restaurant.

So this week I have spent some time chatting to the members of KAMunity about BEER. Ale, lager, craft ale, craft lager, stout… whatever style you like, but BEER!

In both pubs I reviewed in the last week, publicans stressed the importance of good quality beer. So I asked KAMunity members what was important to beer drinkers- apart from taste and price- when being served a pint in a pub/bar. The top 3 answers, in order-

1- Quality of serve (clean lines etc)
2- Speed of service
3- Temperature

If you want the full results, drop me an email and I will send them directly to your inbox. You’re welcome.

Bentlands Partners

We have a child-free weekend this week (yippee!), so I would imagine that Mr Katy and I will be living it up at some Rock and Roll parties with drugs and strippers…or most likely, we will finally manage to finish series 8 of 24 on Netflix tonight and tomorrow and then on Sunday, we are planning a London walk, starting in Soho- with 3 pubs plotted on the way!

If there is a specific issue you’d like me to focus on in KAMera emails, let me know- and keep your pictures and feedback coming!

Enjoy your weekend,


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