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For those of you who wished me luck for the London Wine Fair after last week’s email, THANKYOU! It seemed to all go swimmingly, despite arriving to find none of my notes had printed out properly.

Onto todays blog- how healthy are you? Personally, I follow an 80/20 rule (MOST of the time!), but “Wellness” is the 2015 buzzword in food and drink. Have a look at the picture below, Barts, part of the innovative Inception Group have launched a “Cyder and Salad” offer at their bar. One of the opportunities in the ontrade that I presented on Wednesday was how we needed to incorporate wellbeing into pubs and bars to attract those who perhaps currently shy away from the trade for lifestyle reasons.

Perhaps ideas like Cyder and Salad could fit the bill, after all, when asked whether they would visit a pub or bar more often if there were healthier options for food, 37% of KAMunity members said YES!

Cyder and Salad

Tonight I am staying in to try to clear my inbox from a very busy week and then heading down to Surrey tomorrow for my Brother’s 5th birthday (long story, I’m from an eclectic family, shall we say!). Then my we are celebrating MY birthday (actually on Tuesday) on Sunday with a few drinks in my local pub with friends and family. Can’t wait!! Feel free to send gifts.

If there is a specific issue you’d like me to focus on in KAMera emails, let me know- and keep your pictures and feedback coming!

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