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As I know I have mentioned before, we run research programmes for clients in grocery retail as well as Pubs and Bars, and in this channel the “Meal Deal” or dual purchase deal is rampant. One can barely move in a grocery store without bumping into a ‘2 items for £2’-style deal.

So I got thinking, why don’t we see many of these deals in the pub/bar retail channel? And then I ran some research on “What do Families want from pubs and bars?”. And so a new research programme was born.

Taking kids to pubs can get expensive and is often cited as the reason that families DON’T go to pubs more often. If you’re watching the pennies, the cost of a kids drink that gets downed within 30 seconds of it being put in front of your little angel can be enough to put you off going to your local altogether! So, we asked pub and bar goers with children “Would you buy a deal of a kids drink and snack (crisps etc) in a pub if you were there with your children?” 70% said they would, and more importantly, 56% said that they would take their family to pubs more often.

Any pub out there willing to trial a kids deal for us?

If you want more information on our exclusive report “What do families want from pubs and bars”, just reply to this email!



Tonight I will mainly be fretting about the fact that we are off on holiday to Hydra on Monday morning and I have no currency, haven’t even thought about packing and still have several million emails to get through. Tomorrow I’m off to the races for a friends hen do, and then Sunday lunch at my Dad’s before a 3am (!) taxi to the airport. cheap flights = no sleep…not sure if it’s worth the trade off!
αντίο φίλε μου!


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