KAMera- Eye on Convenience 67

Good morning all

With Halloween just round the corner, we decided to speak to shoppers and ask whether they planned to buy anything Halloween related from their local convenience store. Just 36% said they were.

But then again, and proving that convenience stores are still the place for “distress” purchases, 45% bought something unexpectedly from their local store for Halloween last year.


As this email wings it’s way into your already full inbox, I will be winging my way to New York for the first stage of our two part honeymoon (the next part will be in January!)

It’s been a full on 3 weeks since we got married and we have so far seen each other three times, so this trip is much needed. We are here until Wednesday, so please, any hints and tips for NYC, send them my way, it’s been a few years since I’ve been here, and apart from a few great bars and restaurants and seeing Steely Dan (eek!) on Broadway on Saturday night, we’ve not exactly made a plan!

Have a great weekend all and I’ll catch up with you next week with a “convenience report from NYC”!


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