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Hello and welcome to the weekend!

Right. Are you sitting down? I do hope so, because I have some shocking news for you. On Tuesday this week, I went into a pub, which, in itself isn’t shocking, but what I ordered IS. I ordered a Green Tea. Reader, don’t desert me, it was for a good cause (if a good cause is to warm my frozen hands and soothe my stinking hangover), and I followed it with two large Pinot Noirs.

More and more, when I travel around the UK, I am seeing an improved offer in hot drinks in pubs and bars, the years spent competing with coffee shops have taught the ontrade one thing- that they needed to up their game both in range and in serve. 5 years ago we ran some research asking consumers whether they thought that pubs/bars had a good enough selection of hot drinks (tea, coffee etc). Just 43% said yes, compared to research we ran this week through KAMunity where 67% thought the range was sufficient.

‘But pubs and bars aren’t about TEA’, I hear you cry… well, I agree with that point, but with the consumer becoming ever more health conscious, and Millennials choosing to eschew alcohol, it’s important that the trade offers credible alternatives to keep these customers happy. Our research shows that 65% of pub/bar goers have bought a hot drink in an outlet and that a whopping 45% actually stated that the range of hot drinks available in a pub/bar affects their decision of where they visit.

But the best stat I have for you today is this- 38% of those questioned said they would visit their local pub/bar more often if they had a better selection of hot drinks available. 

Best put the kettle on!

A quiet weekend coming up; after-work drinks in South London tonight, but home in time for dinner with the kids (no, really!), then tomorrow an afternoon cinema visit to see The Post, followed by a night in, probably watching more stuff on a screen.

Sunday is reserved for a back log of work-related reading and a list of house-jobs that would bore the hell out of you if I bothered to give you any more detail. I’m bored just thinking about Sunday TBH.

Have a great weekend, try to make it more interesting than mine

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