KAMera- An eye on the Ontrade 44

Good morning all

With news out this week that Be at One has added a “pay via your mobile” option to it’s smartphone app, I thought I’d look into technology as part of the pub and bar-going experience.

I asked KAMunity (our online pub and bar-goer community, reply to this email for more details!) members whether they would like to pay for their drinks via an app on their mobile phone- just like Be at One are now offering their customers- 33% said yes, which may seem low, but is up from 20% according to some research I ran in 2013.

It seems like a win-win to me, customers who want to speed up their time at the bar and spend more time sat at a table with their friends can do exactly that, and those who, like me, are technological luddites, won’t wait so long to pay because of the 33% who want to use the app!

Today’s email comes to you from a surprisingly un-muddy field at Glastonbury, where I am delighted to be spending the next few days. The headliners might not be that much cop, but with the likes of Alt-J, Everything Everything, Texas, Paul Weller, Alabama Shakes and of course Lionel Ritchie performing in the Sunday afternoon “Legends” slot, all on my “must see” list, I couldn’t care whether Kanye’s here or not.

Have a great weekend in your clean, dry, warm houses. I’m off to find a shower and a (gluten free!) bacon roll. Yes, really.



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