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Good morning,

If you are a regular reader of this email, you’d know that I love wine and I love cheese. I also love books, so imagine my joy when, on last weekend’s trip to Broadstairs, I was fortunate enough to stumble across The Chapel, a micro pub in a second-hand bookshop.

Not only did we manage a few pints of craft beer and cider, but I purchased a copy of Hard Times (definitely inspired by our earlier trip to the Charles Dickens museum) and then had a delightful cheese board- as modelled below by one of the splendid bar staff.

They focus on Kent ales and ciders and have a “Kentish” menu with local seafood and a selection of pies. I asked the members of KAMunity (our online community of pub/bar goers that YOU can have access to, just ask for more details!) how important it was to them that a pub/bar offered local produce- 52% said it was very or somewhat important- only 12% said it wasn’t at all important.

If ever you find yourselves down on the Viking Coast, I can highly recommend a trip to this Bibliophile’s dream!

This email has been written on The Eurostar where I’m tucking into my first glass of Champagne (Sorry! And yes, I DO know what the time is!!) on my way to a weekend away in Lyon with my best and oldest friend, more cheese and wine- perfect!

Au revoir et bon week-end!


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