KAMera- Eye on Convenience 74

Good morning!

Special thanks go out to one of our lovely readers today, as this week’s blog centres around a photo he sent me last week.

The below picture shows a convenience “bank” of vending machines, which is now in place of the old, traditional convenience store near to Nottingham city centre. Personally, I think this only fulfils a very specific need, after all, this doesn’t work for fresh produce nearly as well as it does for tea bags, Pot Noodles and Coke (anyone else get the feeling this might be near the University!?).

And, unsurprisingly, when we took the idea to our convenience store shoppers in KAMunity, they told us that they didn’t like the idea of machines replacing traditional stores- 79% said they wouldn’t use one under any circumstances!


Ah, the last weekend before Christmas! The normal chaos will be cleverly avoided as I have not only done all my Christmas shopping, but wrapped it, planned all festive food menus and put up my tree. If you believe that, you’ll believe anything.

Therefore, after a visit to Manchester tonight to see Madness, and a friend’s winter-themed wedding tomorrow, I will be spending the next two days doing everything I promise myself each year I will have done by now.

Have a fabulous festive weekend!


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