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I went into a pub this week (not a surprise), I asked for a glass of prosecco (as before) but was told that they didn’t sell it by the glass. I asked for the wine list, was given one and on this wine list was Prosecco by the glass!

I asked again but was told that “the manager doesn’t want to sell it”. So I had a terrible glass of cheap white wine instead. But, more to the point, why did this pub have things on it’s menu that it doesn’t sell?

I picked a different drink, but what would other pub/bar goers do if the drink they had ordered was actually NOT available? We asked the members of KAMunity, our online group of pub/bar customers what they would do;

20% would order a different brand of the same drink
70% would order a different type of drink

But, scarily 10% would go elsewhere, highlighting the need to stay on top of availability and get range right.

We also asked how many different wines KAMunity members thought that pubs/bars should offer by the glass. They settled on 8 as an average. Customers are drinking less (especially millennials), and are more interested in quality than ever before, so a decent “by the glass” wine list is a must I’d say.





This weekend is mostly earmarked for “Wed-min” (a ghastly phrase if ever I heard one), with the big day just 2 and a bit weeks away, I can’t really afford to be doing anything else other than writing place names and ironing out last minute hitches…well except for Sunday, on Sunday I am going to see Elton John, Madness and others (remember Leann Rimes, anyone?) in Hyde Park. Other than that, just Wed-min…and the gym. And vegetables.

Enjoy your weekends!


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