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Hello and welcome

I mentioned last week KAM Media are also speaking to publicans as part of our exciting new tracking programme, PubliKAM. We’re using Legion for the fieldwork and already have some hot off the press results!

One question that we asked was “What do you think you will sell less of in the coming 12 months?” The answer? Red Wine (obviously not pubs that Mr Katy frequents!); and PubliKAM can cut that data by type of pub, geographical area and many more variables.

If you’d like to know what Publicans think they will be selling more of, and answers to a HUGE number of other questions, I and our Insights Director, Briony, are embarking on a road trip tin October to present a snapshot of programme results (FREE OF CHARGE!!) and discuss further programme participation.

If you want to be the first to hear some “hot off the press” results from the first ever PubliKAM, we still have some spaces on these dates-

4th/11th/14th October

Just reply to this email and we can stop off and visit you on our 2016 PubliKAM Road Trip!

As you read this email, I will be packing up the last bits for our wedding and getting ready to head down to Cornwall for the last time as a single woman, so this weekend will mainly be about nails, pedicures, haircuts and panic attacks.
And wine, lots of wine.

Have a good one, see you on the other side!



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