A menu for our best friend

Good morning

They say that the Brits are a nation of pet-lovers, and ‘they’ may be right; 24% of British households have a dog (17% own one or more cats in case you’re interested). So, with this in mind, I wanted to share with you the DOG MENU available at the Jolly Farmers, Enfield.

Although I shook my head in disbelief when I read it, it seems I’m alone in my belief that this is madness- of the hundreds of dog-owners in KAMunity, 62% of them said that they would not only purchase from the menu, but would be more likely to visit that pub over another BECAUSE of the menu.

If you’ve noticed anything innovative or unusual in pubs/bars/restaurants on your travels, please do share it with us here at KAM!

A long-awaited family night in tonight, before an early start tomorrow to drop the youngest off for his DofE weekend. Tomorrow I’m down in deepest darkest Kent at a community-owned pub checking out a new band with my Dad, then on Sunday I plan to walk into town and have a wander around the Cinema Museum before dinner with friends.

I hope you’ve all got something exciting planned, enjoy the weekend!


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